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     At RED Light Wing Chun we are building towards a referral-only member enrollment process. Until we reach this enrollment threshold, we are offering a One Week Trial for $25. During your week trial you will have access to all entry level group classes and all open practice times. PLUS by the end of your trial you will know for sure that we can help you reach your goals AND whatever you learn is yours forever!
     Your trial membership operates as a two-way interview. You get to see first hand what training here can do for you. And we get to know you better so that we can ensure new members will fit in to our exclusive club.
     We only want serious students that will contribute to our culture of camaraderie, learning, and exploration. In order to join as a full member, you will be expected to commit to attending at least two classes a week for at least a year. 
     So if you are ready to take that first step towards becoming the most capable version of yourself in daily activities and moments of adversity,
     You are simply excited to start training in an amazingly effective, centuries-old method of close-quarters combat,
Our ONE Week, Trial Membership is where to start!


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**Don't miss this! Class sizes are limited. New Teen or Adult students only.**

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be in "good shape" to get started?

NOPE. If you are physically fit, GREAT! If not, do not fear. You need not be in tip top shape to get started. Building up your level of fitness is one of the benefits of training. People who think they need to be fit to start are just making an excuse not to get started. Have you ever joined a gym? Did you wake up one morning and say to yourself "WOW! I'm f*&%ing ripped! I'm going to go join a gym!" Or did you decide you wanted something you didn't have and then took steps to get from where you were to where you wanted to be?

Do I need to have any experience to join?

Prior martial arts experience is welcome but not necessary. As long as you have a proper attitude for learning you will excel here.  Sometimes students with no prior experience will find new skill acquisition even easier than experienced martial artists do.

What is Wing Chun?

Oriented towards practical, efficient movements for close quarters combat, Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung fu is one of the rare traditional martial arts whose effectiveness carries over to modern personal defense applications. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art developed roughly 300 years ago as a close-range combat system for use by anti-government rebels, some of whom were Shaolin monks.  In present times Wing Chun serves as an excellent personal defense system as well as a tool to build and maintain superior health.  Outsiders most easily identify Wing Chun by its wooden dummy form (Mook Yang Jong Form) and by its sticky hands drills (Chi Sau). Being a soft martial art and emphasizing efficiency, Wing Chun enables practitioners to defeat even larger and stronger opponents.  Proper body structure, alignments, and sensitivity are used to overcome the strength of opponents. Offensive methods include a full spectrum of strikes, joint-locks, and takedowns.  The training is progressive and utilizes single person forms, extensive partner drills, conditioning and weapons training. 

How do I join?

Call us at 602-472-5918 or click the red button below to reserve a spot. Schedule your week trial for a time when you can make at least two classes in a week. After your first week, you and the staff will know if this is right for you!

*Click the button below to reserve your spot online via Square or call 602-472-5918 to set your appointment!

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Still not sure yet.....?


Check out these Top 8 reasons to train at Red Light Wing Chun

1. Fighting Fit is Functionally Fit!

When you train to move like the apex predator you are evolved to be, ALL daily activities get easier. Climbing stairs, carrying groceries, picking up your kid, cleaning house and so on all become easier when you can move like an elite predator!

2. Learn brutally effective personal defense skills

This martial art is not for young children and not for sport. It was not for the open battle field either. It was developed by anti-government rebels that needed to be able to escape and evade military forces while operating in secret. From there it has passed amongst actors, nobles, doctors and even gangsters as a superb method of self-defense against opponents regardless of size or strength. Today it serves people of all walks of life in both peaceful and adverse situations. By the way, it is also the art that made IP MAN famous and BRUCE LEE a legend!

3. DROP Body Fat

2/3rd's of American adults are obese or over-weight! If this is you, you are not alone! But wouldn’t you like to get back to being part of the LEAN 1/3? Our high intensity workouts automatically taper to your current fitness level while building unique skills……AND dropping body fat. If you want this to happen even faster as us about nutritional tips that will accelerate your results energize your whole life!

4. Relieve stress

Escape your daily grind with a mini-vacation from the outside world. One that builds the connection between the Mind and Body and strengthens BOTH, resulting in a greater sense of peace all day long. Exercise in general has been proven to reduce stress and mindful exercise that includes breath training even more so. Additionally, how much less would daily stress bother you when you can handle physical violence in a calm manner? Join us for a greater sense of peace.

5. Relieve joint pain

Want to relieve joint pain and preserve your body? It may sound counter-intuitive but even the Mayo Clinic endorses exercise to help manage joint pain. Our staff is conscientious towards persons with joint problems and ready to modify any exercises as needed to work around any limitations you may have and move you along to a higher level of function.

6. Improve Flexibility and Move Through Life with Ease!

Our classes build full range joint mobility and full body coordination. Movement is much less taxing when your body is not fighting itself at your end of range and Flexibility can be improved at any age or fitness level. Our instructors can customize joint mobilization routines to your specific needs. Just ask! Because everything is easier when your body does what you tell it to!

7. Easily fit training into your schedule

Come a little or a lot! TEN, Sweat-dripping classes per week make it so you can finally fit Martial Arts into your life. Start achieving those goals you have been putting off.

8. Accelerated results through customized instruction

Our studio is engineered to be small and stay small. This means LOTS of personal, customized attention that will hasten you towards your goals.

Are you out of excuses yet?

CALL US NOW to get started for just $25!