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2 Easy Takedowns for Chi Sau

Wing chun is a complete art encompassing striking, locking, throwing. Often in Chi Sau throws/ takedowns are underrepresented. Here are a couple of techniques to jumpstart your practice. More>>>

7 Ways to Get Hit Less During Chi Sau

Everyone gets hit playing Chi sau. If you are not getting hit you need better partners. What you want to develop is a lower exchange rate. That is you earn hits more often than you deserve hits. If you find yourself getting caught by the same... More>>>

Training Method vs. Fighting Method: Sorry, Chain Punches Are Not Magic

One of the most recognizable techniques in Wing Chun is the Chain Punch or Lin Wan Kuen. It is overused, misunderstood, over-rated AND More>>>

What is the Best Headgear for Wing Chun?

There is headgear marketed for boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, wrestling and more! But I have yet to find any specifically marketed for Wing chun practitioners. However, since heads are heads and punches are punches... More>>>

3 Ways Bong Sau is For Mistakes

While it is not true that Bong Sau is ONLY for mistakes, it should be noted that Bong is not your best "Plan A" for thwarting an incoming strike or grab. If your hands are up in a guard position, other tools will likely be more efficient. But this can be turned on its head if certain mistakes are encountered.... More>>>

Graphing Chi Sau: This is Chi Sau, this is not....

Chi sau or "Sticky hands" is not a single, narrowly defined drill. Like Wing Chun's techniques, it is ultimately a concept and not a rigidly defined movement. Shape and position are a result of function. While not infinite in use or expression, it does expand... More>>>

Building Better Bridges

6 Tips for Improving your Bridging skills. Without good bridging skills your Chi Sau skills will have very limited application for fighting. Here are a few ways to isolate and improve those skills. More>>>

Wing Chun Knife Drills

A few ways to use your Baat Cham Doe (the Wing Chun Knives) on a Spring-Arm Dummy More>>>

POV Chi Sau Video

POV footage of Sifu Nick of Red Light Martial Arts and Sifu Sol Black of Black Sun Renaissance playing around with some Chi sau and Gor sau. More>>>

Bridges Are Your Battlements

In grappling arts, much of the information fighters base their decisions on comes in through their sense of touch. The benefits of doing so do not end when striking is introduced and that is why... More>>>

Spring Arm Dummy Drills Part 2 -- Knife Work

Use of the Spring-Arm dummy, like the traditional dummies is only limited by the imagination. More>>>

Spring-Arm Dummy Drills Part 1

There is so much that can be done with a Spring-Arm Dummy! Check out this video to get some ideas. More>>>

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